What’s new in my collection #8 – turbo 2003 rus edition

Turbo super/sport 2003 rus edition is called one of the most hard to get items in turbo gum collecting. If you can collect all turbo series (>1600 different items) without 1-50 and turbo rus, you can call yourself having completed collection. If turbo 1-50 is extremely rare, old, and hard to get, then almost the same can be said about this turbo series. Just it is not so old, but still very hard to get.

Being turbo collector, I’m trying to use every possibility to get even one new item missing. Most times I succeed, but it takes much effort.

Last two letters, that came recently, contained 9 new items for collection. If you are trying to get missing turbo rus for a collection, condition of item itself matters least. Like I do – if it’s missing, I take it. So, few of those, what came, are not in perfect shape. But I hope one day to change them into better ones, as I do with any poor collection item.


Showing list of turbo sport 2003 rus.


before, 34 missing

and current list of turbo sport 2003 rus missing


After, 27 missing

I’m currently waiting for one item from one person. Another person should send me one item soon, still another person have 1, but I need to deal with him what’s in exchange. Still another person have 3 items of my missing, needs a deal. So, to get 6 items for a turbo 2003 rus collections, 4 collectors are needed to have a deal with. But I like it, one by one and maybe someday I will complete it. Wish me luck.

By the way, I’m showing some kind of statistics, how much of a collection is completed at the moment. If you could find turbo progress on the right, yellow line means what I have from turbo rus collection. Now, I have about 78% total of 198 different items. Remembering the fact, that none of them was sold in my country, I could call it achievement.

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