what's new in my collection #3: otomoto day

today i have received long waited package with gum papers from gum called otomoto, seconds series with numbers from 101 to 200. when i was back in collecting (went from local level to worldwide over internet), this series was only other with my turbo collection. first otomoto series was easy to collect, and i have completed it long time ago, along with 4 double full series. second newer series i like more, because it’s with nicer looking cars, also not so easy to collect, what makes it even more fun. today i have receiced two of my last four missing, and about five changed with better condition. fun.


from this series still missing: #117 and #138. if somebody have any of them, give me know.

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  1. […] remember correctly, it took me whole many years to do it, about a year to find last 5 missing, and half a year to hunt down last 2. Today is the day, last #117 came to me. I’m not sure if it would be […]