What’s new in collecting after a small break

So, i’m back to business, like they say. And nothing really changed. It was not a huge loss to leave collecting for a few months. Although it was hard to finish ongoing deals and stuff with something like 6 different people at once, but it was worth it. I’m now fresh and starting it over.  I even got my stuff for exchange moved to my new place, they are now with me, and ready to be offered.


gum stuff

Sort of. Still I have to prepare my list of gum papers for exchange, but it’s now possible to exchange with me from now on, as few guys is successfully doing right now.

One thing that i missed in this time, is opportunity to get one “hard-to-get” Russian turbonaduv sport series, full at once, and now i don’t know if I ever have this possibility again. But, whatever.


audi r8 - turbonaduv sport

By small luck, i have reserved 3 for 8, just remembered about that and will be trying to get them in place. Maybe one day i will complete full set. Not much left to collect of Russian turbonaduv papers, keeping in mind, that this gum wasn’t ever available in my country. Ever. All I needed to get from abroad.

Another interesting thing, that I was able to notice one guy, who had one of my last two missing otomoto 101-200. It’s a small present for returning back to collecting.


otomoto 138

And this is already on the way to me, waiting to arrive in few weeks. And in fact, it’s about 4th possibility to get this number, and finally, I hope, successful. That’s it for today.

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