Turbo Sport 471-540 Covers

Very interesting thing I have discovered during last week. It’s about still another new cover for turbo sport 471-540 covers set, yet not official, just a bunch of covers.


From very beginning there were few changes in this set. First, I thought it have just one cover, year ’97. It became false when I discovered cover from year ’98. OK, one cover from one year, another from year later.

It appeared also not true, when so called “r-change” was discovered on the covers in year ’97. Set expanded until three papers, consisting of r.0 from ’97 and r.1’s from ’97 and ’98. Last discovery was even more strange. It was changes in month writings. All three covers known before have a DOT between month and a year, as new discovered visual cover style have SLASH. I hope more informative visual representation below.


Just like that.

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