Turbo 2003 rus project

I have received today a package with some turbo 2003 rus papers. Yes, the same, that are so hard to get for a collection. It was good opportunity to get them, and I took my chance. But, there are some good news, and some bad news about these papers. Good news is, I’ve got nearly 50 of them, and even some missing, bad news, half are in poor condition.

Talking about those bad ones, I have got them in very good value/condition rate, almost 10 bad ones for value of 1 good. I thought to make some project, and slightly improve visual appearance of the papers. As in good old days. And hopefully this way will help better exchange them.

Here’s good ones received (photo made by sender):


Here’s bad ones. At first time when I saw them, they looked worse than received. Of course missing parts of the papers can not be restored, but most of cornering problems can be fixed.


One more thing in the package. Any missing for someone?


Here’s photo how they all look on my table in one place. Long time not seeing this many of turbo 2003 rus received.


Here’s how bad ones looks like with cornering problems fixed. #39 (one of the orange Lambo) is already dead. Some of others appears more alive than in first photo. Mercedes with Supra on the bottom are from good ones.


And here’s good old way to store gum papers, of course between book pages.



I will leave them like that for one day, and tomorrow will post the results.

Information for a calculation:

  • 4 new items in good condition;
  • 1 new item in bad condition, soon will be changed;
  • 2 items changed in condition;

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