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In the middle of something

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Preparing (finally) new version of gum papers collecting list system,, but hardly can keep up with deadlines I considered possible. Thing is, I wanted to change the design completely how it look, and add some new features to make things simplier. What I have now, is new design ready, prepared by hired designer. All great with this question. What I have is new functions and features in mind, planned to be implemented in a time.

What I miss now is database design, to store things in a right way. Let’s say we have current system, just to show others what you got, and compare collections, but current database can’t or do not know how to handle in a right way:

  • collections with no numbers (donald)
  • collections with no numbers, but with numbers guessable (turbo naduv super bonus no numbers)
  • collections with bonus numbers in it (turbo 121-190)
  • collections with numbers not existing (turbo naduv jeeps)
  • collections with same numbers (turbo naduv jeeps)
  • collections with two different numberations (turbo naduv jeeps)
  • bonus collections with same numbers as existing (turbo sport violet)
  • different collections with same pictures but different numbers (turbo sport 471-540)
  • collections with numbers being not necessary numeric, for example playing cards
  • numbers in a collection, with quality in mind

And so on, and not even talking about bonus material, related with a collection, like covers, boxes and so on. So we miss very much information, than can be showed. And we need to fix it.

database design