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Saturday, July 10th, 2010
  • – got some power stickers, got some gum papers, waiting for some turbo 1-50 addition, but sadly camera has been broken for a while now, so can’t make any nice pictures to show.
  • – at last somebody bypassed me on turbo gum collecting, because it was very boring up in the first place. congratulations goes to allkatraz. you are the man, good to see many turbo 1-50 collected.
  • also we have now something like 80 active turbo gum collectors practically from all around the world joined us. greets goes to all of you.
  • turbo gum of facebook – not very long ago we got special username for our page, and it looks like i think it’s very nice. also we have already 45 fans on our page, also from all around the world. turbogum keeps us connected.
  • when I will fix my camera, I will show you many and many and many (sorry, been watching police academy last week) nice photos of turbogum stuff. stay tuned.