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Nice and pretty home made “Turbo” from Romania

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Continuing topic about unusual and not official turbo papers, here’s something more, looking very nice. One guy calling himself allkatraz, the one who has now more different turbo than me, was so kind and shared with us. And I’m sharing it here with permission.

Here’s the story behind:

I have a full collection (+ one more insert) printed on thick paper by a former collector from Romania. He created this series as a tribute to Turbo gum and it’s the only one he had. He saw my collection and gave them to me. Because they have no connection with the gum, they don’t have a real value (they are not even folded), but they are pretty and it’s something different in my collection 🙂

I must admit it’s made pretty damn good, and all cars are just awesome. This series has even some bonus! There are two numbers #40 in it. Interesting .Very interesting. And very nice job. Take a look and have some fun.

turbo from romania